Author Barbara Loynet of Wooshii Video Agency lists three reasons why a brand should have an “about us” video and three recommendations into how to create a great “about us” video in an article published on November 25th, 2016 (original article here).

I took inspiration from this article to share with you the reasons why I believe, in 2021, that your company, organization or enterprise needs an “about us” video.

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An “about us” is a (usually under three minute) video that accurately and evocatively shows your future clients who you are, what you stand for, the values of your enterprise and the vision of your company. It should leave a lasting impression and a positive feeling in the viewer. Memories are anchored to emotions, and if your “about us” video can impress the appropriate emotion you are looking to convey upon your clients, it will be far more likely that they will remember you and, in turn, buy your product or service.

While there is certainly an art and a science to creating a good, moving video, I wanted to focus on the benefits associated to having this sort of video on your website – especially if it’s on the homepage or other easily visible place.

Here are my top five reasons why having an “about us” video is essential for your endeavor of choice.

1. Brand recognition and loyalty: A quality “about us” video will not only leave a lasting impression on the viewer, it will emotionally align the viewer’s values to yours and your company’s values (if there’s a match, of course). A continued exposure to said values builds brand loyalty and retention. All of this will translate into more sales and revenue for your brand.


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2. Familiarity: In general, people like people who are like themselves. People like situations that remind them of similar situations where they experienced a positive outcome. Your video should efficiently show to the viewer what your business stands for. When this is communicated successfully to people that have similar ways of looking at the world, you will achieve both customer respect and retention. People, especially nowadays, want to align with companies that support the same ideals they hold.


3. Saves you time: A video can communicate in seconds what it would take a regular person minutes to read. Most people nowadays, if given the choice between watching a short video about a topic versus reading about the same topic, will more likely choose the video option (a tragedy, I agree, but a fact). If a person that won’t match with your company watches your “about us” video, that will save you time in the long run. All the time that would have been spent potentially soliciting this potential client that would not turn into business can now be invested in something else. A good “about us” video is a “keeper at the gates” type of failsafe to screen the people that actually want to buy your product or service.


4. Casts you and your company in a new light: A well-produced and engaging “about us” video can completely change the way people see you and your business venture or organization. It can inspire people to work with you rather than with a competitor. It will give them a feeling of “I like those folks” and drive more clients to your brand. People being impressed with how well you present yourself in front of a camera is a nice side bonus as well. (And remember to give credit to your video producer’s direction!)


5. Positivity: Finally, your “about us” video can bring to our world a healthy dose of positive emotions. In a time when the spotlight tends to be on people’s fears, anger, prejudice and hate, there’s nothing wrong with having videos that leave your future customers with an experience of connection, compassion, happiness, contentment, empathy, passion, love and joy. The world needs more positivity to counteract the constant stream of pain and negativity all of us experience on a daily basis. Be proud about the fact you are doing something good and be proud of your video showering the world with more “goodness”. We certainly need it.

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