As I’ve written about previously, our bread and butter here at Emotivo Productions are our promotional documentaries or “about us” videos. But you might not know Emotivo Productions also makes wedding videos – with the option for a truly unique type of wedding video.

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Weddings are such a significant and meaningful day for every couple and I really enjoy being allowed to capture and express what it was like to be there that day and all the emotions that were felt. I love to commemorate such special occasions with the permanency that only video can provide.

Of course, we like to do things different at Emotivo Productions and while we provide wedding videography and editing with up to two professional videographers for up to 10 hrs and additions such as drone videography, I firmly believe we have a unique product that sets us apart from other wedding videographers out there: our “couple’s trailer”.

A “couple’s trailer” is a component of one of our wedding videography packages that also include  a roughly 20-minute video of the event. The couple’s trailer is a unqiue video that honors our couple’s love story. It’s a short (usually under five minute) video featuring separate interviews of each partner, which we film a few weeks before the wedding, that showcases their love story.

The interviews reveal how they met, their first date, the significant moments of their relationship, their values and what led to them making the decision to spend the rest of their lives together. We then take their interviews, plus pictures of their relationship, their favorite music, etc., and cut together a mini-documentary that celebrates their love journey up to before their wedding day. It’s truly fantastic to see what brings people together, what holds them together and what inspires them to make such an important commitment to each other.

What the couple ends up with is a beautiful film embodying their love, which they can share with family and friends, and watch on anniversaries or other special occasions. I’ve even had clients tell me they have re-watched their couple’s trailer after a fight to help remind them of how much love they share and, the best part, it has helped them make up!

I am married and after close to five years of spending every day sharing life with my wife, I have come to think of marriage as a “beautiful struggle”. Re-watching your own “couple’s trailer” can help re-center and re-focus you on what is truly important: your love for each other and your commitment to be partners and walk hand in hand towards your dreams.

It is an honor to film our clients’ weddings. If you are interested in having Emotivo Productions commemorate your upcoming nuptials, please reach out to us at To see some samples of our latest wedding videos, please click here.

Wishing all couples patience, resilience, communication, compassion and fun in their lives together. We only have one go at this mysterious phenomenon called “life”. If you choose to spend your time with someone, make sure it is someone you love, cherish, respect and who feels the same way. You handled picking out your perfect partner. Let us handle making the perfect wedding video for you.


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